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Group Photo New Members
List of Members Information
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Group Picture

Active and Inactive Members
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New Members

Front Row:  Jason Vosta, Dave Swartzentruber, Duane Compton
Back Row:  Craig Wolf, Troy Pickerill
Not Pictured:  Phil Winkelman, Jeremy Dinges, and Scott Guthrie

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Number Name EMT Certified
1 John Ahl  
2 Jim Barker  
7 Scott Bashore
4 Bob Boshart  
5 Burdette Boshart  
6 Terry (T.J.) Buchli  
21 Scott Burroughs
11 Chris Carsten  
15 Duane Compton  
37 Jeremy Dinges  
36 Ron Erb  
42 Marcy Grace
38 Scott Guthrie  
16 Maury Hansen  
25 Jeremy Kahler
34 John Melena
30 Karen Mundhenke
23 Dan Pickerill  
40 Troy Pickerill  
10 Matt Roth  
22 Ryan Roth  
13 Tony Roth  
29 Brent Schweitzer  
18 Jerry Shald
19 Bob Smejkal
8 Delton Stauffer
12 Wayne Stohlmann
27 Dave Swartzentruber  
31 Keith TeSelle  
32 Stan Thomas  
39 Dan Troyer
33 Joe Troyer
20 Jason Vosta  
14 Phil Winkelman  
41 Craig Wolf  
28 LaDonna Wulf
26 Travis Yeackley
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Membership Information

The Milford Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad shall be composed of 42 active members and an unlimited amount of inactive members. 

Any citizen in good health and physical condition who has attained the age of 21 years (not over 65 years) shall be eligible for election to active membership.  Election is by majority vote from all active members at a regular monthly meeting.

An inactive member is a member in good standing who no longer wishes to remain on active status.  The inactive member may be re-instated to active membership by a majority vote at a regular monthly meeting.

The number of active members cannot be more than 42.  The department is comprised of two companies with 21 members on each.


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